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How to Create a Personal Learning Network for the New Year

At a point when our nation is struggling to fill high level positions and outsourcing to find people with the necessary education, why is there such a rise in the belief that college is a waste of time? The answer... Continue Reading →

If James Joyce did it…You can do better

Ah, the editing process. That time when you begin to have serious concerns that you have been living under the egotistical delusion that you can write. The image above is a manuscript page of James Joyce's Ulysses. Clearly this page... Continue Reading →

From Steampunk to Gaslight: How might blending unusual genre elements set your story apart?

Genre bending is the concept of combining what seems to be two or more dissimilar genres of writing. By combining fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction and mystery, we have created genres like steampunk and gaslight fiction. Try reworking a scene... Continue Reading →

Skulls & Bones

Even though this ornately carved skull is a modern creation of porcelain, it has a sinister quality. For all it's beauty, it's innate macabre associations cannot be ignored. What type of person might commission such a piece? Who would have... Continue Reading →

Reading someone's favorite book can teach you a lot about a person. What would your main character's favorite book be? What does that tell you about this character? What about your antagonist? Understanding their favorite books will give you insight... Continue Reading →

Many Moons Ago…

I have late night conversations with the moon. He tells me about the sun and I tell him about you. - S. L. Gray   Throughout time broken hearts have been associated with late moonlit walks. Somehow the moonlight reaches... Continue Reading →

Elantrian Oasis

Readers of Brandon Sanderson's novel Elantris may find similarities between this mountain top lake and the peaceful waters found at the top of city of Elantris. Not only is this image a beautiful inspiration for anything from Scandinavian hiking trails... Continue Reading →

You just can’t imagine some things

Truth is stranger than fiction so it goes to follow that nature is more breathtaking than any fantasy world of our imagination. Above is shown a geyser in Nevada. It's not difficult to imagine an ancient tribe holding this place... Continue Reading →

Spoonful of Whimsy

There is always something magical about breathing in the steam of a hot cup of tea. Frothed milk and and a splash of vanilla, what else might you find in the dregs?

To Hell in a Paper Back

Easy reading may be damn hard writing, but easy writing makes damnable reading. The beauty of a well written book often goes unappreciated but the errors of a poorly written book never fail to be condemned. It is easy to... Continue Reading →

Writers and Readers: One and the Same

Whether you are a reader or a writer, we discover ourselves in the pages of books.

Read Virginia Woolf, like Virginia Woolf

Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river - Virginia Woolf

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