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Authors to Aspire Towards

Under the Harvest Moon, When the soft silver Drips shimmering Over the garden nights, Death, the gray mocker, Comes and whispers to you As a beautiful friend Who remembers. - Carl Sandburg  

Measure Twice, Cut Once: A Guide to Sentence Length

If the same thought might be expressed in five words rather than ten, it is universally taught that the shorter sentence is preferred. With our culture of sound bite politics, 140 character limits and elevator pitch sales tactics, we have... Continue Reading →

Count Down to a New You

On January 1st big things are happening at The Bookery. We will launch a new series designed to help you on your path towards mindfulness. At The Bookery we help reacquaint our readers with words. In this new series we will... Continue Reading →

Mesmerize your audience with this overlooked Tool

I have always believed that tone is the most influential literary element. It is because of tone that we are sucked into a story. Tone makes a promise of what type of story to expect. It prepares your readers for... Continue Reading →

How to Create a Personal Learning Network for the New Year

At a point when our nation is struggling to fill high level positions and outsourcing to find people with the necessary education, why is there such a rise in the belief that college is a waste of time? The answer... Continue Reading →

From Steampunk to Gaslight: How might blending unusual genre elements set your story apart?

Genre bending is the concept of combining what seems to be two or more dissimilar genres of writing. By combining fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction and mystery, we have created genres like steampunk and gaslight fiction. Try reworking a scene... Continue Reading →

There are many, many more things that could be added to the list, but in my opinion these are the bare minimum essentials to keep your readers hooked.

Give your Characters some Space: Amp up the emotion in your writing with this technique

While reading a historical novel recently, I found myself growing bored, despite the tragic events and dramatic developments in the world around the characters. As I reflected on why such eventful happenings in the story were unable to hold my... Continue Reading →

A Good Character is like a Lady: They leave a little something to the imagination

In life we often act without thinking. We make rash decisions. We make mistakes. We do things that are in opposition to our nature. We are the embodiment of contradictions. We define ourselves in terms of likes and dislikes or... Continue Reading →

Don’t Leave it all to the Imagination: How Hitchcock became the Great Imagination Tamer

Alfred Hitchock said "There is nothing more terrifying than an unopened door." Of course, what Hitchcock says should never be questioned. The Master of Suspense, he knows how to tell a story. But what does he really mean by that... Continue Reading →

Put your Demons to Rest, and the great commma debate as well

When getting your first draft down it is best to just write. Don't think. Just write. And for me, that's the only way I can ever get anything down on paper. I am an over thinker, but I have learned... Continue Reading →

Brand your Writing: What you love is what you write

Writing is often an imposing task. The prospect of setting out a plot, developing realistic characters, balancing the effect of verbs and adjectives- when considered in a serious manner it is a wonder that any one takes on the challenge.... Continue Reading →

To Hell in a Paper Back

Easy reading may be damn hard writing, but easy writing makes damnable reading. The beauty of a well written book often goes unappreciated but the errors of a poorly written book never fail to be condemned. It is easy to... Continue Reading →

Writers and Readers: One and the Same

Whether you are a reader or a writer, we discover ourselves in the pages of books.

Read Virginia Woolf, like Virginia Woolf

Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river - Virginia Woolf

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