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Piecing together the Past

There is something so interesting about a relic of the past that has been cast aside and forgotten. The questions are endless: Who lived here? Why did they leave? Was there a war, a famine? Why did no one move... Continue Reading →

Grandeur & Gloom

As soon as I saw this picture I was immediately reminded of the fairy world in Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. The eerie grandeur and sense of abandonment are hauntingly similar to Susanna Clarke's novel. Not only does this picture... Continue Reading →

From Steampunk to Gaslight: How might blending unusual genre elements set your story apart?

Genre bending is the concept of combining what seems to be two or more dissimilar genres of writing. By combining fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction and mystery, we have created genres like steampunk and gaslight fiction. Try reworking a scene... Continue Reading →

Skulls & Bones

Even though this ornately carved skull is a modern creation of porcelain, it has a sinister quality. For all it's beauty, it's innate macabre associations cannot be ignored. What type of person might commission such a piece? Who would have... Continue Reading →

Many Moons Ago…

I have late night conversations with the moon. He tells me about the sun and I tell him about you. - S. L. Gray   Throughout time broken hearts have been associated with late moonlit walks. Somehow the moonlight reaches... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Images Poll

Earlier this week I posted the beginning of a short story inspired by  my Inspirational Images post Charlatans, Clods, and Coxcombs. I would like to make this a regular thing. Please take a moment to complete the poll suggesting my... Continue Reading →

Getting High the Old Fashioned Way: On Books

It is a rare thing, but when it happens you feel such a rush that like a junkie, you try and try again to get sensation back- that out of body, existential, life affirming sensation of connecting. Every book we... Continue Reading →

You just can’t imagine some things

Truth is stranger than fiction so it goes to follow that nature is more breathtaking than any fantasy world of our imagination. Above is shown a geyser in Nevada. It's not difficult to imagine an ancient tribe holding this place... Continue Reading →

Spoonful of Whimsy

There is always something magical about breathing in the steam of a hot cup of tea. Frothed milk and and a splash of vanilla, what else might you find in the dregs?

Edgar Humboldt: A Man of Good Intentions

Edgar drank his tea slowly as he waited. He held the tea cup between his forefinger and thumb, touching as little of his mother's fine china as he felt necessary. He took tiny sips, partially because the tea was too... Continue Reading →

Eccentric Ecclectics

Like something out of Dumbledore's study, this planetarium clock would make a fine fixture in any reclusive genius' library. Whether a scientist, astrologer, wizard, is up to you. This planetarium clock, made in Paris 1770 may have guided the thoughts... Continue Reading →

Charlatans, Clods and Coxcombs

Characters like Uriah Heep, Wilkins Micawber, Fagis all live on in Charles Dickens' fame because they are so distinct. Wilkins Micawber's rambling theatrics, his pomposity create a character at once ludicrous and vivid. These characters are brought to life in... Continue Reading →

Lazy Sunday

What might it be like to be one of these lounging ladies? The decadence of a Sunday stroll, and a picnic while watching the clouds drift. They say kill your darlings, surely there is much strife ahead of these dozing... Continue Reading →

Dreary Grandeur

A ghost filled ballroom, dancing eternities away as the building darkens and crumbles about them. What macabre rituals may take place as the darkness begins to fall?

To Hell in a Paper Back

Easy reading may be damn hard writing, but easy writing makes damnable reading. The beauty of a well written book often goes unappreciated but the errors of a poorly written book never fail to be condemned. It is easy to... Continue Reading →

Writers and Readers: One and the Same

Whether you are a reader or a writer, we discover ourselves in the pages of books.

Read Virginia Woolf, like Virginia Woolf

Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river - Virginia Woolf

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