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The Girl Next Door is All Grown Up

Falling in love with the boy next door has been done a million times- but that doesn't mean we need to throw out the cliche altogether. Give this over used plot line a twist to liven it up a bit.... Continue Reading →

Paradoxes and Parody: What is your take on this character?

A touch of Atticus Finch mingled with an air of misplaced self importance, this portrait creates an uneasy caricature of a pompous man. Reminiscent of Downton Abbey's Mr. Molesley, I can't believe that this man's practiced scarf arrangement and daintily... Continue Reading →

There are many, many more things that could be added to the list, but in my opinion these are the bare minimum essentials to keep your readers hooked.

Reading someone's favorite book can teach you a lot about a person. What would your main character's favorite book be? What does that tell you about this character? What about your antagonist? Understanding their favorite books will give you insight... Continue Reading →

A Good Character is like a Lady: They leave a little something to the imagination

In life we often act without thinking. We make rash decisions. We make mistakes. We do things that are in opposition to our nature. We are the embodiment of contradictions. We define ourselves in terms of likes and dislikes or... Continue Reading →

Edgar Humboldt: A Man of Good Intentions

Edgar drank his tea slowly as he waited. He held the tea cup between his forefinger and thumb, touching as little of his mother's fine china as he felt necessary. He took tiny sips, partially because the tea was too... Continue Reading →

Charlatans, Clods and Coxcombs

Characters like Uriah Heep, Wilkins Micawber, Fagis all live on in Charles Dickens' fame because they are so distinct. Wilkins Micawber's rambling theatrics, his pomposity create a character at once ludicrous and vivid. These characters are brought to life in... Continue Reading →

Lazy Sunday

What might it be like to be one of these lounging ladies? The decadence of a Sunday stroll, and a picnic while watching the clouds drift. They say kill your darlings, surely there is much strife ahead of these dozing... Continue Reading →

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