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Why Narcissists are the Readers you Should be Hooking in your Next Book

There is something of the egotist in all of us. Whether you boldly declare your superiority or silently revel in your advantage, all of us flatter ourselves -just a bit- that we are more intelligent than the average person. More... Continue Reading →

Truth Courses in the Rivers of Change, but our World has Grown Stagnant

We are living in the most literate age in history. Even the literacy rates of third world countries have risen on average 10% in the last two decades. In English speaking countries, it has taken us 150 years to raise... Continue Reading →

Begin the Journey Towards Mindful Literacy this New Year

Count Down to a New You

On January 1st big things are happening at The Bookery. We will launch a new series designed to help you on your path towards mindfulness. At The Bookery we help reacquaint our readers with words. In this new series we will... Continue Reading →

Good Readers and Good Writers by Vladimir Nabokov

I recently posted an article based on this essay. I have found it extremely influential in my life. I hope you will find it inspirational as well. At first I despised Nabokov's opinions on reading. Let me know what you... Continue Reading →

Where Words Meet Minds

We interact with words and language continually. Even images are a form of literacy, enabling us to understand the meaning of a crosswalk sign or a logo. Being constantly confronted with language it is no wonder that we skim, skip... Continue Reading →

Fit for a King

Whether you need an accurate reference for your historical novel, or inspiration for a fantasy realm, use this chart to add some bling to your writing.

Mesmerize your audience with this overlooked Tool

I have always believed that tone is the most influential literary element. It is because of tone that we are sucked into a story. Tone makes a promise of what type of story to expect. It prepares your readers for... Continue Reading →

What I never Knew I wanted to Know

Whether you are a writer or a reader, beginning to react to literature mindfully can be difficult, especially when done independently. Without a professor, a teacher or a friend who is already adept at these practices, it can be extremely... Continue Reading →

Little Shop of Wonders

An actual shop in Paris, this little cave like room is brimming with eclectic oddities. As a present day setting, this shop provides a refuge to the rush of modern life. What would your character feel as he stepped foot... Continue Reading →

How to Create a Personal Learning Network for the New Year

At a point when our nation is struggling to fill high level positions and outsourcing to find people with the necessary education, why is there such a rise in the belief that college is a waste of time? The answer... Continue Reading →

Gates of No Return

When I see this gate, with the dark stranger waiting in the mist, I can't help but feel that something ominous lies ahead. Whether a gate to heaven or hell, any character who walks this path will feel a chill... Continue Reading →

If James Joyce did it…You can do better

Ah, the editing process. That time when you begin to have serious concerns that you have been living under the egotistical delusion that you can write. The image above is a manuscript page of James Joyce's Ulysses. Clearly this page... Continue Reading →

Where Two Worlds Collide: Juxtaposition of fantasy cultures

One of the most entertaining yet frustrating parts of fantasy writing is developing your fantasy world. So many aspects to consider-everything from foods, climate, language, religion- clashing cultures doesn't always come to mind. `In our multicultural world, it is surprising... Continue Reading →

From Steampunk to Gaslight: How might blending unusual genre elements set your story apart?

Genre bending is the concept of combining what seems to be two or more dissimilar genres of writing. By combining fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction and mystery, we have created genres like steampunk and gaslight fiction. Try reworking a scene... Continue Reading →

Skulls & Bones

Even though this ornately carved skull is a modern creation of porcelain, it has a sinister quality. For all it's beauty, it's innate macabre associations cannot be ignored. What type of person might commission such a piece? Who would have... Continue Reading →

There are many, many more things that could be added to the list, but in my opinion these are the bare minimum essentials to keep your readers hooked.

Give your Characters some Space: Amp up the emotion in your writing with this technique

While reading a historical novel recently, I found myself growing bored, despite the tragic events and dramatic developments in the world around the characters. As I reflected on why such eventful happenings in the story were unable to hold my... Continue Reading →

Reading someone's favorite book can teach you a lot about a person. What would your main character's favorite book be? What does that tell you about this character? What about your antagonist? Understanding their favorite books will give you insight... Continue Reading →

A Good Character is like a Lady: They leave a little something to the imagination

In life we often act without thinking. We make rash decisions. We make mistakes. We do things that are in opposition to our nature. We are the embodiment of contradictions. We define ourselves in terms of likes and dislikes or... Continue Reading →

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