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Mindful Reading: The New and Improved way to Read a Book

Mindfulness seems to be the new buzz word tacked on to the traditional hippie repertoire of organic food, yoga, and meditation but it has begun spreading it's boundaries.

Truth Courses in the Rivers of Change, but our World has Grown Stagnant

We are living in the most literate age in history. Even the literacy rates of third world countries have risen on average 10% in the last two decades. In English speaking countries, it has taken us 150 years to raise... Continue Reading →

Begin the Journey Towards Mindful Literacy this New Year

Count Down to a New You

On January 1st big things are happening at The Bookery. We will launch a new series designed to help you on your path towards mindfulness. At The Bookery we help reacquaint our readers with words. In this new series we will... Continue Reading →

Good Readers and Good Writers by Vladimir Nabokov

I recently posted an article based on this essay. I have found it extremely influential in my life. I hope you will find it inspirational as well. At first I despised Nabokov's opinions on reading. Let me know what you... Continue Reading →

Taking Back Literature

Vladimir Nabokov's essay "Good Readers and Good Writers" was my first introduction to meaningful reading. I hated it. I was resistant to Nabokov's advice. I wanted to read for the enjoyment of reading. I loved the idle pleasures of getting... Continue Reading →

Where Words Meet Minds

We interact with words and language continually. Even images are a form of literacy, enabling us to understand the meaning of a crosswalk sign or a logo. Being constantly confronted with language it is no wonder that we skim, skip... Continue Reading →

What I never Knew I wanted to Know

Whether you are a writer or a reader, beginning to react to literature mindfully can be difficult, especially when done independently. Without a professor, a teacher or a friend who is already adept at these practices, it can be extremely... Continue Reading →

How to Create a Personal Learning Network for the New Year

At a point when our nation is struggling to fill high level positions and outsourcing to find people with the necessary education, why is there such a rise in the belief that college is a waste of time? The answer... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Reading

Elantrian Oasis

Readers of Brandon Sanderson's novel Elantris may find similarities between this mountain top lake and the peaceful waters found at the top of city of Elantris. Not only is this image a beautiful inspiration for anything from Scandinavian hiking trails... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Images Poll

Earlier this week I posted the beginning of a short story inspired by  my Inspirational Images post Charlatans, Clods, and Coxcombs. I would like to make this a regular thing. Please take a moment to complete the poll suggesting my... Continue Reading →

Getting High the Old Fashioned Way: On Books

It is a rare thing, but when it happens you feel such a rush that like a junkie, you try and try again to get sensation back- that out of body, existential, life affirming sensation of connecting. Every book we... Continue Reading →

The Eternal Library

To see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wildflower to hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity for an hour. -William Blake   It never occurred to me before how perfectly this quote... Continue Reading →

Resurrecting the Dead: Drudging up the lost works of favorite authors

Some wrote too little, and others wrote too much, but all writers left behind forgotten works. What wouldn't the world give to find the lost novels of Jane Austen, plays of William Shakespeare, or tales of Lord Byron? In Stuart... Continue Reading →

Writers and Readers: One and the Same

Whether you are a reader or a writer, we discover ourselves in the pages of books.

Read Virginia Woolf, like Virginia Woolf

Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river - Virginia Woolf

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