A touch of Atticus Finch mingled with an air of misplaced self importance, this portrait creates an uneasy caricature of a pompous man. Reminiscent of Downton Abbey’s Mr. Molesley, I can’t believe that this man’s practiced scarf arrangement and daintily held book suggest that the gentleman is at all confident or comfortable in his attempt to play the learned scholar. Such a carefully planned arrangement seems more like an imitation of the real thing.

For what reason does this man flourish his hands as he reads? There is something rather unlikeable about a man that practices gesticulating while reading. A sort of uncomfortable blend of reading and theater. Is he reading to himself, or does he have an audience before him?

Like Molesley, is he an insecure servant, always passed over for a more confident or adept man? Or is he in fact every bit the pedantic scholar he obviously wishes to appear to be? Share your thoughts on this paradoxical character below.


portrait is of poet Jan Lechon by artist Romana Kramsztyka