We interact with words and language continually. Even images are a form of literacy, enabling us to understand the meaning of a crosswalk sign or a logo. Being constantly confronted with language it is no wonder that we skim, skip over large chunks, and ignore the vast majority of what we come across. But that should not carry over to our reading and writing habits. As a society, we should seek out meaningful language interactions. We seem to be focused on the utility of language rather than it’s true purpose: to understand ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

Here at The Bookery we help you to bridge that gap between utility and understanding. Rather than glossing over words, gleaning only the essential information, we focus on internalizing these words. We mull over them and weigh the impact they have on our understandings. We  remember these words, they stick in our mind. We revisit them, searching for deeper layers. Most of all, we find ourselves as we narrow the gap between utility and understanding.

Make your New Year meaningful. Follow The Bookery and we will show you how.