Genre bending is the concept of combining what seems to be two or more dissimilar genres of writing. By combining fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction and mystery, we have created genres like steampunk and gaslight fiction. Try reworking a scene or two of a work in progress. Include elements typically found in other genres. Some ideas you might try are dystopian, paranormal romance, southern (think O’Connery), cozy mystery, epic fantasy. Elements like the mad woman in the attic, friendly sugar borrowing neighbors, fog and gaslight, post-apocalyptic worlds that are typical in specific genres are a few starting points when coming up with your own mix and match ideas.

Genre blending might not work for every story, but it could be just the thing to make your writing unique to agents. Maybe it’s just for fun or it could be just the thing to get your work out of a slump. Or you might even invent the next best selling category. Folk-Goth, anyone?